Giclée printing from gestural art is a great way to give a unique gift at a great price.  Visit the Gallery Shop to view and purchase the range of available giclée prints on offer.

What is Giclée Printing?

Giclée printing is a process used by artists to make high quality reproductions of their original art work.  The process uses fade-resistant, archival inks and substrates.  Giclée prints are archival.  They are of a superior quality than a print produced on a standard desktop inkjet printer.

The giclée process is eminently suitable for producing prints from the original gestural and action paintings that are available in the gallery shop on this site.

Gicléé printing is pronounced "Zhee-Clay"

The word 'giclée' is taken from a version of the French word "la giclée" meaning 'that which is sprayed or squirted. The print studio that  www.gesturalart.com use meet all the criteria required by the giclée process.  Their prints meet galleries and museums longevity requirements and respect the ISO 9706 standard.

Giclée prints are available on a variety of media.  The most popular choice is watercolour.   It's genuine 100% rag and possesses a unique structure, surface texture and a warm white tone.  

Archival Lifespan for Giclée Printing.

Only pigment based inks are used in the giclée printing. These inks have an archival lifespan, and can last anywhere from 100-200 years without significant fading.  A printer designed to produce giclée prints specifically uses pigment-based inks. This printers can have eight to 12 different colour cartridges. The more inks used, the more subtle and sophisticated the colour range available on the  final output.