Action Painting and Figurative Artist.

The action painting of Niamh Carroll is rich in a variety of gestural abstraction as she expresses emotions through the painting.   Her spontaneous  works has something to offer every art lover.  As an expressive painting artist,  she produces fascinating imagery ranging from futuristic abstract expressions to emotional figurative works rising from within a beautiful painterly abyss.   Through the medium of gesture drawing and action painting, her goal is to capture the essence of human turmoil and the intensity of emotion. She displays a remarkable expression of energy in her art.

“Most critical and relative to my methods is challenging myself to work directly from life”  she states.  “There is nothing I like more than to take the viewer on a mental tour and allow them an emotional  glimpse into that moment”.

Works composed are gestural, immediate quick action  movements, there is no reworking, no overpainting - the sketch is the work.

For many of her abstract pieces, Niamh utilises natural and man-made tools and instruments to apply a variety of mediums in order to create diverse and expressive marks on the canvas.

She is inspired by her environment, landscape, figures and faces. Her encounters and experiences are developed, investigated, assembled and reassembled with her finished work communicating a new vision of reality.

Click Gallery Shop to view her range of action painting originals and gestural giclée prints  which are available to purchase. The  collection includes faces, figurative, abstract and traditional paintings and drawings.

Niamh, who resides in Co Meath Ireland, was born into a family with a great appreciation of art.

Niamh with Enya ready to create an action painting
Niamh with her daughter, Enya