gestural art depicting rest, silence and peace

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An adventure in Gestural  Art both Figurative & Emotional

mont captured by gestural art


gestural art captures the first moments afters waking


Showing emotion through a painting.


Gestural art is how  I create directly from life which is quite challenging.  Through the brushstrokes, I endeavour to physically act out my inner emotions which can be drama, anger, pain, love.  Then something of this deep personal expression is interpreted and experienced by the viewer in the resulting creation.  The object is to express emotions through the painting.

I am an expressive artist that uses the technique of gestural art.  I deploy a figure, a head, in my work in order to reveal something more; the creation is an embodiment of deeper moods and associates strongly with emotional expression.


I have two daughters, Sheena and Enya, who pose for me.  I've never actually created a traditional portrait of them.  They are used as a reference for my gestural figure painting.  I then take this to a different level - tempered by the power of abstract  expressionism,  which is at the core of my art practice.  The figures I create using free style painting tend to be portrayed in a calm spacious atmosphere; comfortable and relaxed in a meditative state, which can range from pure sleep to daydreaming.


I'm inspired by, and react intensely to, the environment around me.  I then channel my emotional connection with the moment onto the canvas or paper to create a spontaneous art piece.  Space, colour and feeling have no boundaries, using expressive mark making, in order to to deconstruct the inner state of the human form.  What is effective in gesture drawings is capturing a moment in time and collectively there is a common narrative of the strength and vulnerability the human figure, but more importantly it seems, the human   psyche.


The works are action, quick and expressive using (graphite and pencil); adding a wash of colour (watercolours, inks).  The challenge with regards to colour, is not for it to be representational of the figure(s) or the environment - it's a sub-conscious colour associated with an emotional reaction to the subject matter at that present time.  I also produce gestural art pieces in mixed media, taking from the environment pampas and wood used to apply the paint.  The goal is to use a face/figure/landscape as a starting point in order to provoke a new vision of reality.